Calves thriving on Lealac Elevate Milk Powder

Long standing HJ Lea Oakes customer, Jon Barber of Friend Farms, Market Drayton, fed Lealac Elevate milk powder for the first time this autumn. Jon prides himself on being fertility focused and maintains a high standard of herd health, which is clear to see on his 400 cow Autumn Calving System.

Jon has been impressed with the improvement in performance since using Lealac and had no losses this season. Calves are healthier and stronger with fantastic growth rates. Coats are shinier and calves have amazing bloom this year.

Jon’s feeding protocol has remained consistent throughout the rearing period. At birth, calves are fed colostrum for 3 days and then transitioned up to 6 litres/day of Lealac milk powder. At 4 weeks of age, this is reduced to 4 litres/day. The calves are housed in a spacious clean shed, with plenty of fresh bedding and clean water. Supreme starter niblets are offered on an adlib basis in clean, long troughs, with fresh straw provided in racks.

The Lealac Elevate is a 45% skim-based complete milk replacer for calves, 100% dairy protein. Energised milk powder, where the fat content is higher than the protein, just like real milk, providing higher energy to calves. Designed to be as close to cows milk as possible. 20% protein, 24% fat. Feed rate of 150g, recommended to be fed twice a day, up to 3 litres per feed.

Jon has expressed that Lealac Elevate “mixes really well, calves do really well on it, and I’ll definitely use it again next year.”

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