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HJ Lea Oakes Beef Feeds are designed and manufactured to maximise the overall performance of your animals. It is critical that the highest quality inputs are correctly matched to your requirements. We pride ourselves on the comprehensive range we produce. We have a feed to match all systems and situations. By using the highest quality materials and taking account of the most up to date thinking and research we really have complete confidence in our feeds. All our feeds come with the assurance that they are made under the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS).


We’re accredited with UFAS and Organic Farmers Growers certification.



  • The Calf Niblets are ideal for growing calves
  • Feed from 4 days old to 12 weeks of age
  • Extremely palatable 4mm diameter pencils boost early intakes and really get your calves off to a flying start
  • Contains the unique gut conditioner NuStart, rumen function is maximised and growth rates increased
  • The Coarse Calf Starter Mixes are highly palatable and made with top quality ingredients
  • Fully mineralised so there is no need for any added vitamins or minerals
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  • Look after the future of your herd with HJ Lea Oakes rearing compounds, to be fed to calves from 10-12 weeks of age
  • Rearer Nuts are available in 17% and 19% protein
  • The perfect palatable complementary rearing nut for all situations, formulated to support fast growth and good confirmation
  • Fully mineralised with added Sel-Plex selenium
  • The 19% protein version is designed more for dairy replacement heifers which are on a straw based diet and have a greater requirement for fast frame growth
  • Also in the range is a highly specialised SUPREME REARER ROLL, designed primarily to be fed outside to grazing youngstock
  • A 12mm diameter roll perfect for feeding on the ground and its lower protein content (15%) makes it the perfect complement to grazed grass
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Weaning & Rearing Feeds with Orego-Stim

  • Orego-Stim is a completely natural product derived from the herb oregano. It is a unique source of essential oils which principally acts as an appetite enhancer, and has additional benefits due to the antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of the pure oil
  • Trails have shown Orego-Stim to enhance production through:
    • reducing incidences of diarrhoea caused by common intestinal diseases
    • improve palatability and feed intake, and reduce stress levels
    • improved growth and feed conversion ratio and help to maintain a healthy immune system
  • Our specialist feeds include:
    • Weaner Pellets + Orego-Stim
    • Rearer 17 Nuts + Orego-Stim
    • Specialist Calf Mix with Alfalfa + Orego-Stim
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  • The Elite Beef Nuts have been designed to match the requirements cattle need, being finished at 18-22 months old on a grass silage based system
  • High protein and high energy feed to support fast growth rates and good conformation
  • This diet will particularly suit late maturing breed types, fed on a restricted system
  • Ideal for feeding to mixed groups of cattle and is perfect for feeding from weaning onwards
  • No need for added supplement, fully mineralised with Sel-Plex selenium
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  • The ideal intensive finishing product
  • When maximised performance is required this is definitely the number 1 choice
  • This feed can be easily fed ad-libitum and particularly suits continental cross cattle which won’t lay fat down as quickly as natives
  • Available as a nut or a blend, to suit your feeding method
  • Fully mineralised
  • Contains Actisaf Live Yeast to increase feed intakes, improve growth rates and leads to a better food conversion efficiency
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  • This feed is suitable to be fed to cattle and sheep
  • Allrounder has a high fibre level from ingredients such as wheatfeed and good protein source from sunflower and rapeseed
  • Fully mineralised- contains magnesium for feeding in lactation so not for feeding intensively to growing or finishing lambs
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  • Individually tailored bespoke blends formulated to match your specific needs
  • Unrivalled raw materials range
  • Commitment to quality and technical support
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  • A highly palatable range of coarse mix available for beef & youngstock
  • Formulated with quality ingredients and contains superior quality proteins
  • Fully supplemented with high levels of minerals and vitamins
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  • Versatile high protein concentrates for growing and finishing cattle and dairy heifer replacements
  • Fully supplemented with high levels of minerals, trace elements and vitamins
  • Not for direct feeding, mix with cereals and/or beet pulp
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HJ Lea Direct offer a wide range of products used in the farming industry today, all competitively prices and with plenty of choice. We can offer the correct guidance and information for you to find the products you’re looking for, from Milk Replacers to Molasses, we deal with the country’s leading suppliers.


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