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HJ Lea Oakes Dairy Feeds are designed and manufactured to maximise the overall performance of your herd. It is critical that the highest quality inputs are correctly matched to your requirements. We pride ourselves on the comprehensive range we produce. We have a feed to match all systems and situations. By using the highest quality materials and taking account of the most up to date thinking and research we really have complete confidence in our feeds to ensure enhanced milk yields and quality in order to improve the profitability of your business.

We can produce a range of high energy, high starch and high protein compounds, manufactured at our mill in Aston, Nantwich, with diets to match high/medium intensive systems. We have feeds to support your higher achieving cows, diets particularly suited to the summer and winter, and to match the quality of your forage or grazed grass.


We’re accredited with UFAS and Organic Farmers Growers certification.

HJ Lea Oakes Dairy Products


  • A range of very high energy dairy compounds
  • Top of the range specification unchanged, suitable for all year round feeding
  • Balanced starch, oil and fibre energy sources
  • Extra Vitamins and Trace Elements for very high yielding cows
  • Available at a range of protein levels to suit individual requirements (16-21%)
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  • A range of very high energy dairy compounds
  • Balanced energy sources from cereals and sugar beet pulp
  • 18% – High DUP from 10% soya inclusion
  • 16% – High DUP from 7.5% soya inclusion
  • Perfectly capable of supporting very high yields and balancing a mixture of forages
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  • Very high energy dairy compounds based on maize
  • High starch formula to balance higher fibre forages
  • Highly palatable
  • Particularly useful in the later grazing period when grass becomes more fibrous
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  • Our most popular summer diets – some HDF compounds are definitely better than others
  • Trusted high digestible fibre ration based on sugar beet pulp
  • Highly palatable
  • Specialist grazing diet designed to balance grazed grass and enhance milk quality
  • ActiGraze includes extra high inclusion of ActiSaf live yeast to allow full rate at 4kg feed rate, designed to counter acidosis risk
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  • Perfectly suited to match semi intensive production systems
  • High energy specification with 20% protein to balance low protein forages, 18% protein for most feeding situations
  • High DUP from wheat distillers and soya
  • Highly palatable
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  • Formulated as a low cost option and represent very good value
  • These diets often out-perform expectations because they are very palatable and can be fed at high levels without risk of digestive upset
  • Medium starch and fibre levels for balanced energy
  • Fully supplemented with vitamins and trace elements
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Supplementary Dairy Products


  • Next generation transition cow diet
  • High protein diet to support neonatal growth
  • Low Potassium and High Magnesium to help combat milk fever
  • Very high quality DUP from Soya and Prairie Meal
  • Contains Zinc Methionine – proven to improve hoof integrity, reduce SCC and increase milk yield
  • Contains Protected Methionine
  • Includes Biotin – long term benefits for hoof health and locomotion score
  • Low DCAD
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  • Products treated or contain the product Home & Dry
  • The Ammonium Salts and Ammonia are responsible to providing the Alkalinity within the treated product. Once the reaction has been completed, all the Urea in the original product is converted mostly into Ammonium Bicarbonate
  • The treatment with Home & Dry will raise the protein by 1.4% per 1% of Home & Dry added
  • AlkaGrain
  • Strong Buffering & Increased Protein Level
  • Available in a 15% for in-blend version & 3% for direct on farm feeding
  • AlkaFibre
  • Strong Buffering & Increased Protein Level
  • Nutritionally enhanced Oatfeed
  • Excellent source of Digestible Fibre
  • AlkaForage
  • Ideal as a replacement for Maize or Whole Crop Silage
  • Complements grass silage as a buffer feed
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  • Individually tailored bespoke blends formulated to match your specific needs
  • Unrivalled raw materials range
  • Commitment to quality and technical support
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OUR Products

Complementary Feeding

HJ Lea Direct offer a wide range of products used in the farming industry today, all competitively prices and with plenty of choice. We can offer the correct guidance and information for you to find the products you’re looking for, from Milk Replacers to Molasses, we deal with the country’s leading suppliers.


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