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HJ Lea Direct offer a wide range of products used in the farming industry today, all competitively priced and with plenty of choice. We can offer the correct guidance and information for you to find the products you’re looking for, from Milk Replacers to Molasses, we deal with the country’s leading suppliers.


We’re accredited with UFAS and Organic Farmers Growers certification.



  • Specially formulated for enhanced health and performance
  • Ensuring that livestock are provided with the correct minerals for their level of production is critical to maximising health and fertility and our popular range of bagged minerals are an ideal way of achieving this
  • Our standard range includes Elite Dairy, Elite Pre-Calver, Cattle High Mag, Intensive Beef and Cattle Universal
  • Bespoke Farm Mineral formulations are also available as we understand that some farms have Vitamin and Mineral requirements that need their own specific formulation, we take into account the provision of minerals from other of farm feeds, the specific requirements of your stock and specific problems that need rectifying
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  • HJ Lea Milk powders available
    • LeaLac 23 Milk Powder (60% Skim-based, 100% dairy protein – 23%CP 18% Fat)
    • LeaLac Elevate (45% Skim-based, 100% dairy protein – Energised milk powder, 20%CP 24% Fat)
  • We stock the Volac Calf and Lamb Milk Replacers
  • Produced using unique filtration and evaporation production systems
  • All Volac Milk Replacers are made from milk which has been double pasteurised to destroy most of the bacteria which can be present in whole milk, this significantly reduces the risk of exposure to diseases such as Johne’s
  • The range included Heiferlac, Blossom Easymix, Blossom Hi-Spec, Enerlac, and Lamlac
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  • We can supply Crystalyx and Dallas Keith products direct to farm
  • Crystalyx supplies a high energy form of supplementation to the main forage diets of cows, beef, sheep, goats, and deer in a very palatable form, continuous nutrient delivery increases dry matter intake and diet digestibility
  • The Crystalyx range includes Cattle Hi Mag, Cattle Booster, Sheep Extra High Energy, Pre-Calver, Organyx Plus, Garlyx and Calflyx Easybreather
  • Dallas Keith available as full pallets (50 x 20kg tubs or 10 x 100kg tubs)
    • Hi Mag Energy, Protein Cattle, High Energy, Dry Stock, Protein energy (cattle and sheep), Biomins Cattle (Organic), Hi Mag, Dry Cow and Garlyx (cattle and sheep)
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  • We source a range of rumen protected fats from a number of suppliers to suit the specific needs of your stock
  • Protected fats can have a range of benefits when included in dairy rations including the improvement of fertility, body condition, milk yields and milk solids
  • Range included Megalac, Calcium Soap, and C16 Fats
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  • The Leastrain range of grass seed mixtures has been specially formulated to provide persistent, high yielding swards with good forage quality and the varieties included in the mixtures have been chosen on the basis of their suitability for cutting and / or grazing
  • A selection of grass seeds available
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  • We supply all cereal seeds (both winter and spring sown varieties) for Wheat, Barley and Oats
  • Due to our strong links with Morning Foods we are pleased to offer Oat Growing contracts, allowing the benefits of guaranteed markets and the ability to plan and budget
  • We also offer seeds for Maize, Fodder Beet, Kale, Sweedes, Stubble Turnips, Forage Peas, Forage Rape and Seed Potatoes
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  • Molasses based liquid feeds have been an integral part of rations for generations
  • Their inclusion in farm diets increases overall palatability serving to boost daily dry matter intakes
  • We can offer a wide range of choice from specific suppliers to ensure that your on farm resources are perfectly complemented
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  • We use Actisaf Live Yeast in selected diets and also stock the farm-packs at our mill in Aston
  • Actisaf is a concentrate of live yeast processed in a micropherule form
  • Designed to reduce ruminal acidosis
  • Boost milk yields and milk solids
  • Increase average daily gain
  • Improve feed efficiency
  • Increases rumen pH by avoiding the build-up of lactic acid
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  • Specifically designed to aid rapid recovery post-calving
  • Formulated energising rehydration drink
  • Helps to reduce the risk of phosphorous deficiency
  • Encourages early and good milk production
  • Ensuring the cow is rehydrated and feeding as quickly as possible post-calving is critical and has enormous implications on health, production and fertility in the following lactation if not achieved
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  • Medicated Feeds
  • Urea
  • Limestone Flour
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Ultrasorb
  • Salt
  • Magnesium Chloride Flakes
  • Vitalbuf
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