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Our dairy compounds are designed to complement grazing systems. With increased mag levels at 0.75% to meet requirements, assisting in prevention of Hypomagnesaemia (Grass staggers).

For example, 4kg/day of ActiGraze 16 will provide 30g of available magnesium

Magnesium is not stored in the body of ruminants, milking cows require approximately 9g/day for maintenance alone and 0.74g/day per litre of milk, typical values are

  Magnesium requirements (g/day)
M+20L 25
M+30L 33
M+40L 40


Factors affecting magnesium absorption

Flush of grass growth – alters the nutrient profile of the grass. Higher throughput of feed reduces time for absorption in the rumen.

High levels of N – excess of protein in the diet causes a change of rumen pH, Mag becomes less available.

Potassium is an antagonist to Magnesium. Fields with recent application of manure will pose a greater risk to staggers.

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