Magnesium for Cattle

Magnesium supplementation is important at this time of year! HJ Lea Oakes magnesium level is at 0.75% in our standard dairy diets for spring and summer! 

Magnesium requirement is measured in grams per day and is not stored.

Milking dairy cows have a requirement of about 9g/day for maintenance and 0.74g/day per litre of milk. So a 20 litre cow will need about 24grams magnesium per day, and a 25 litre cow about 28grams per day.

Calcined magnesite (magnesium oxide) contains about 50% magnesium. Other sources of feed may also provide magnesium. Excess potash in grass may reduce availability.

HJ Lea Oakes feeds provide sufficient for 25 litres milk production from 4kg feed (summer) and 6kg feed (winter).

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