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Mineral Licks

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Crystalyx supplies a high energy form of supplementation to the main forage diets of cows, beef, sheep, goats and deer in a very palatable form. Continuous nutrient delivery increases dry matter intake and diet digestibility.

Crystalyx is an early managed and palatable form of energy that feeds the rumen flora which, in turn, releases the nutritional value of forage with improved efficiency, therefore improving animal performance and assisting farmers in making better use of their own forages.

Cattle High Mag: Spring and Autumn

Cattle Booster: Winter and Summer - Modest Yielding



Garlyx: A Complementary Feeding Stuff for Growing Cattle

Easy Breather

Extra High Energy

Organyx Plus

Organyx Garlic



Quality Assured
We’re accredited with UFAS and Organic Farmers Growers certification. All our Horse feeds also comply to NOPS practices.
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